Boys Will Be Men
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How do boys become men? How do they learn courage, the difference between right and wrong, and the meaning of love? What hurts them, makes them violent, and sometimes kills them? Boys Will Be Men explores the terrors and triumphs of growing up male in America and suggests ways to help guide the journey to adulthood.

Boys Will Be Men, a unique one-hour documentary, was broadcast on 120 PBS stations in the spring and summer of 2001. The video has received rave reviews from critics and library journals nationwide.

Written, Produced & Directed by Tom Weidlinger

Executive Producers: Michael Sherman & Rose Shirinian

Editor: Maureen Gosling

Narrator: Steven Anthony Jones

Concept & Field Interviews: Diana Sperrazza

Camera: Tom Weidlinger & Rick Butler

Sound: Kip Brown, Ari Lioris, Mike Frank

Production Assistants: Samantha Davidson & Jeremy M. Siefer

Graphics and Web Site: Jan Camp

A Moira Productions Film in Association with Dateline Productions


Chris Statuette at Columbus International Film and Video Festival, Ohio
Nominated by American Library Association (ALA) for notable films of the year: Young Adult category, Children’s category
Nominated for 2003 Andrew Mellon Carnegie Medal of Excellence