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A Dream in Hanoi

A True Story of Love, Stage Fright, and Noodle Soup

American-Vietnamese relations have been cordial at best and lethal at worse, but A Dream in Hanoi proposes other possibilities for cross-cultural engagement besides war. Written, produced and directed by Tom Weidlinger, this beautifully realized documentary narrated by F. Murray Abraham follows a fall 2000 production of a Midsummer Night’s Dream in Vietnam, but it has a Shakespearean sense of drama and humor of its own. The Vietnamese and American theater companies involved aspires to create a bilingual, bicultural version of the play; the result is a clash of wills and worldviews that leaves participants from both camps forever changed.—SF Weekly Review

Written, Produced & Directed by Tom Weidlinger

Executive Producers: Michael Sherman & Rose Shirinian

Editor: Maureen Gosling

Narrator: F. Murray Abraham

Camera: Tom Weidlinger

Sound: Wes McLean

Production Assistant: Hannah Chauvet

Titles, Graphics, and Web Site: Jan Camp

A Moira Productions Film in Association with Dateline Productions

Best Documentary - Moab International Film Festival

Audience Favorite - Sedona International Film Festival

Special Screenings - National Museum of Natural History, in conjunction with their exhibit on Viet Nam; 18 screenings in Viet Nam, including the Hanoi Cinema Club, Press Club, Ford Foundation, U.S. Consulate, Documentary Film Studio and more