Maureen on KPFA
Maureen Gosling and Toni Hanna being interviewed
on short wave radio in Havana, Cuba


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Blossoms of Fire/Ramo De Fuego Reviews, Articles and Resources and
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For special trips to Oaxaca, see Martine Tomczyk's colorful web site:

http://www.petate.com - Web site of Yolanda Cruz, young Oaxacan indigenous filmmaker living in Los Angeles. Check out her delightful site, her films and her yummy Oaxacan Cookbook, Sabores Simples/Simple Flavors!

For an absolutely delightful link to cultural events and information about the Isthmus of Tehuantepec, complete with stereo music and colorful photos see:

You can learn more about Martha Toledo, who appears in BLOSSOMS OF FIRE, and whose CD is available on this site, and her photography at http://www.arteguenda.com.mx/eng/mtoledo.ph

http://www.MaestroGaxiola.com - Start at this site, then link up to more amazing sites, especially http://www.angelfire.com/ca2/johnnywesturn/index5.html,
where you get to see the extraordinary array of creativity of Gerry Gaxiola, aka The Maestro, featured in Les Blank and Maureen Gosling's film, "Maestro, King of the Cowboy Artists"; and the Maestro's good friend, Peter Mollica, master visionary stained glass artist. Also see: http://www.barbarakossy.com/ and click on Artist's Studios. You will find the Maestro's Studio.

Herby Sachs is a fine German photographer who shot the photograph which is our new poster and the cover for the New Yorker Films' BLOSSOMS OF FIRE DVD. The photo was taken on the film set of the independent feature THE IDEALIST, by Claudio Zangarini, the same year as BLOSSOMS was shot.

http://promatriarchy.net - A very good site by Hannelore Vonier for up-to-date scholarly work on the study of matriarchies:
The Definition of Matriarchy
The latest news on the World Congress of Matriarchal Studies
Articles on history and other topics
The Difference Between a Matriarchy and Patriarchy
Forums in English and German, links, e-cards, books
For a Peaceful Future: "My personal voluntary endeavor for a world without violence. I am convinced that can only happen if we learn from matriarchal people." - Hannelore Vonier

For photos and information about the Second Congress of Matriarchal Studies in San Marcos, Texas in the fall of 2005 see: http://www.radiofeminista.net/sept05/images/austin-fotos1.htm

Wonderful photographs of Oaxaca from Phil Meier http://www.pgmeier.com

Check out the playful and imaginative illustrations of Dan Hubig's gallery http://www.danhubig.com

Stephanie Chernikowski: striking and historic photos of the underground rock scene in New York City http://www.angelfire.com/pop/artpix/

For information on the amazing Occidental Arts and Ecology Center, home of Doug Gosling, see: http://www.oaec.org

For information on the sterling environmental organization, Earth Island Institute, where you can find Karen Gosling, see: http://www.earthisland.org