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Stripped and Teased

Jodie Evans—Producer

Amie Williams—Director

Robert Bennett—Cinematographer

Maureen Gosling—Editor

Mike Davis—Creative/Writing Consultant

Color VHS 62 mins.

The Real Lives of Working Women in a Fantasy Town

Since its earliest days, Las Vegas has depended on women. It's a city where the female body is more an object of commerce than anywhere else in America. This video goes behind the "Showgirls" mythos to tell the true story of real women who live and work in Las Vegas—the mothers, maids, waitresses, wives, cabdrivers, construction workers, casino executives, and showgirls, who struggle against the sex-object stereotype—and whose stories reveal there's always more to the girl than show.

* Booklist, Top Ten Adult Videos of 2000
* The Gold Apple, National Educational Media Network
* The Chris Award, Columbus International Film Fest
* Best Documentary, Sedona Film Festival
* Best Documentary, Rivertown Film Festival, Minneapolis
* The Joey Award, San Jose International Film Festival
* Silver Medal, Houston USA Film Festival
* Zoie Award, Internet Festival

* Film Arts Festival, San Francisco
* Slamdance On the Road Tour, 1999
* Feminal, Cologne, Germany
* Interfilm Short Film Festival Munich, Germany
* Hot Springs Documentary Film Festival
* Sedona International Film Festival
* Rivertown International Film Festivl
* Houston International Film Festival
* Zoie Internet Women's Festival, Atlanta Georgia
* CineVegas International Film Festival
* Singapore International Film Festival
* REVeleation Film Festival, Australia
* Philadelphia International Film Festival