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A Skirt Full of Butterflies NOW AVAILABLE ON DVD!  Order:

15 min. Color, video. By Ellen Osborne and Maureen Gosling. A love letter to Isthmus Zapotec women. $15 plus $3 shipping. Institutions, please inquire.

Beautiful first CD recording by Martha Toledo, who appears in BLOSSOMS OF FIRE and helped us during the filming. Classic collection of Isthmus Zapotec songs, some of which are heard in BLOSSOMS. Illustrated with photographs taken by Martha, with Spanish translations of the Zapotec. $20 plus $3.00 shipping and handling.

Click on the image to hear a sample of the music.

Cards and Artwork

card 1
©Cynthia Fitting


Beautiful color cards, painting by Cynthia Fitting, IMAGES OF OAXACA, "La florera/the flower woman." CFitting@aol.com $1.75 each. $2 shipping. $1.45/card when ordering 50.

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©2001, Fernando Olivera


Paintings and Prints from Oaxaca, Mexico: Enrique Flores, José Eddie Martinez, Felippe Morales, Fernando Olivera, Cecilio Sanchez, Shinzaburo Takeda.