What a WONDERFUL documentary on such an extraordinary group of indigenous Mexicans. I left feeling completely uplifted! -Jason Ruggles, CA

What a wonderful story of one culture's happiness! - Janice P., Dayton, OH

Congratulations for the film! ... It shows a respect, intimacy and tenderness towards the people of Juchitán which is rare to see. And a pleasure to watch. How beautiful and graceful these women are! And the attitudes of Zapotecan men are equally rare to see in our part of the world (or in all parts?)...I am sure students will love your film. - Prof. Jose Jorge Carvalho, Anthropology Dept., Brazil

I'm the guy at Sonoma State (University) who said "this is one of the greatest films of all time," and I meant it. Thank you - Steve Cochrane, Santa Rosa, CA

It was stunning. - Delaney Small, MD, Seattle, WA

Wow! - Michael Goodwin, Writer, Oakland, CA

What a wonderful film! I loved it. So beautifully crafted. I'm recommending it to all my friends. Thank you again for your vision and the fruit of your vision. Deeply moving. - Pamela, San Francisco, CA

Congratulations on winning a film award at the Cuban film festival. What an honour! I think it is terrific that an award exists to acknowledge non-Latin Americans who create a beautiful Latin American story as you did. Wow! This illustrates the power of the heart and spirit for those of us inspired to create stories that honour a people and, as well, contribute a life-affirming story to the larger human family. Well done. - Sandy Greer, Filmmaker, Toronto, Ontario

I can’t tell you how much my friends and family have enjoyed Blossoms here in Austin. It is so well done in every way. I’d like my daughter and her family to have a copy. - Joanne Abdo, Austin, TX

I'm so impressed! Thank you for creating such a beautiful statement. It hit me on a lot of levels and there were tears in my eyes more than once...I think my daughters got how rich the people you filmed were in the face of material poverty, that is, family, friends, love, and hard work. Gracias. Bill Jetton, Berkeley, CA

Thank you for such an inspiring video.  I was able to borrow a copy and hold a special screening of it for a group of service providers. - Cecilia Zamora, Director, Latino Council of Marin, CA

John and I both really think it's a wonderful, vibrant, colorful, spectacular film, and I found myself thinking, "Everyone should see this!" ...There's none of the smugness or condescension one sometimes sees in films of other cultures, none of the sense of sitting on the outside and pontificating or judging. Instead, you honor the culture you are filming and you are rewarded with the sweet trust of those you are filming; it's obvious that they feel an affection for you as you feel an affection for them and their culture...It always managed to grip our attention, to keep us bound up in the story. It's not a dry little documentary; it's full of spunk and it's riveting... Why shouldn't it be a best-seller? Would Ebert and Roeper review it if it made it to the big screen? Could Oprah do a show on you? It seems to me that the only reason it's not a runaway hit is that people don't YET know about it.- M.M., Sterling, VA

The Gender Institute Film Committee has previewed many works for the 2002 series, and Blossoms was the only one that was UNANIMOUSLY & enthusiastically endorsed for inclusion. I loved it - not only was it well made, great pace, great music, and well told 'story', but the depiction of gender relations - men caring for children, the various couples talking about the sense of partnership, LGB experience in an otherwise homophobic world, central position of women in the community/culture, the work ethic and women's financial responsibility, the centrality of land/ties with the earth, the historical overview - was so very well done and instructive without being preachy or condescending. And the humor was energizing.The final shots of the saint's day festival was imbued with hope for the future of the people and Zapotec culture despite the effects of globalization. Please excuse the mini-review - but perhaps you like these responses to your work. As you can tell, there are now fans of the film & you in Buffalo! - Patricia Shelly, Associate Director, the Gender Institute, University at Buffalo, NY