Maureen Gosling: Producer, Director, Editor. See Maureen's bio

Crew Bios


Ellen Osborne, Director, Co-Producer, has worked in the film business since 1987. She produced, and wrote the independent feature, Poco Loco, with Deborah Koons Garcia. In 1994 Osborne line produced the feature, Nina Takes a Lover. The 1990 documentary, Clowning Around, produced and edited by Osborne, won numerous awards including a student Academy Award and a College Television Award. Osborne was one of the founders of the Taos Talking Picture Festival, which hosted its first festival in 1995 in Taos, New Mexico. She co-programmed and managed the festival until 1999. More recently Osborne worked on the independent features Tao of Steve, Tortilla Heaven, and Sheer Bliss. In 2001 she moved to Los Angeles where she works in the Art department for television and film. Her most recent film project was the Paramount feature, "Team America: World Police". Currently, she is splitting her time between fine art painting and various graphic design and matte painting jobs in the art department. During a six-month excursion in Mexico, Osborne and her ex-husband Kelly Clement initiated the idea for the film, Blossoms of Fire.


Toni Hanna, Co-Producer, Translator, Writer, worked from 1988 to 2001 in various facets of the independent film industry, as producer, researcher, film festival programmer, writer and media journalist. She first met Maureen Gosling in the 'eighties while working for Les Blank's Flower Films, where she assisted on six of Blank's documentaries and managed the distribution of his films. Her first encounter with Juchitán was in 1984, during a state of seige imposed by the PRI. Years later, she had the singular experience of viewing "Blossoms of Fire" with a rapt Juchitecan audience in the same plaza where military once stood. In addition to documentaries, Toni produced many series, segments and spots for the cable networks. Currently, she is working hard at her second career, real estate.


Maria Teresa García de la Noceda, Co-Producer, Editing Consultant, Translator, is a San Francisco filmmaker born in Spain. She has been working in the film industry as a director, producer, consultant editor, researcher, translator, production coordinator, and as a talent since 1985. Co-producer of Blossoms of Fire/Ramo de Fuego, and Columbus on Trial, she has also directed and produced Candela, and Tigris and Euphrates. She has published some articles in Año Cero (Madrid, Spain, 1997) and Información Comercial Española (Madrid, Spain, 1973-1974); her poems and collages have been published in Nuestro Equipo, Nuestro Mundo (Monterey, California, 1999-2000). She has also been working as a Court Interpreter, since 2000.


Xavier Pérez Grobet, Cinematographer, has been a Director of Photography since 1991, on almost three dozen documentaries, television series and feature films in Mexico and the U.S. The 1995 feature Sin remitente, which he shot, won numerous Arieles (Mexican Oscar). Santitos in 1999 received the Latin America Cinema Award at Sundance. Pérez Grobet first made a name for himself in the States with the Oscar nominee Before Night Falls by Julian Schnabel, which showed off his sensual, vibrant camerawork. Since coming to the States, he’s been the eye behind a list of powerful indie projects, from Tortilla Soup to, most recently, 9 Lives, which premiered at the Sundance Festival, and The Woodsman. He’s jumped to a big Hollywood feature with Sony Pictures’ Monster House, the second feature film to rely on the performance capture technology debuted in The Polar Express. Nacho Libre, starring Jack Black, will be a 2006 release.


Gabriela Espinoza, Sound Recordist, was born in the Isthmus of Tehuantepec and grew up in Mexico City. She has been a recording engineer for feature, documentary and video productions for more than eleven years. As a Zapotec, she knows the culture well and understands the Zapotec language. She currently teaches sound engineering at Mexico City’s film school, CUEC.


Susana Vásquez Sánchez, Field Producer, is a native of Juchitán who works at the Foro Ecológico, Juchitán’s ecology center. She is fluent in both Spanish and Zapotec. Susana coordinated most of the interviews for the film, conducted some of the Spanish and all of the Zapotec interviews. She also appears in Blossoms of Fire.

5 Kelly Clement, Associate Producer, Still Photographer. After many years of working in theater, Kelly received an M.A. in film production from San Francisco State University. In 1990 he directed Clowning Around, for which he received an Academy Award for best student documentary. He has since produced and directed numerous films, videos and multimedia projects. In 1995 Kelly became the Director of Programming for the Taos Talking Picture Festival. He also taught film courses at the University of New Mexico and online film history classes for the Minnesota College of Art and Design. Currently he works as a film programmer for the Starz Denver International Film Festival, Mill Valley Film Festival, True/False Film Festival and Nantucket Film Festival. Along with Ellen Osborne, Kelly initiated the idea of a film on the Isthmus Zapotecs.


Marie Christine Camus, Second unit camera.