THE HINDU (an article written by an Indian journalist who saw the film at the "Film from the South" Film Festival in Oslo, Norway; some inaccuracies but interesting)


NEW ADDITION: for an interesting
article about the EZLN/Zapatista's "Other Campaign" and their embracing of
the queer community in Mexico. The article includes comments by and photos
of Juchitecans, some of whom are seen in BLOSSOMS. - Article on Maureen Gosling by James Barone of the Synthesis weekly paper in Chico, California. Also, one on Les Blank.

Interesting article about Juchitán:

Article about the Zapatistas stopping in Juchitán on their march to Mexico City, 2001:


Best link for books on the Isthmus Zapotecs:

See especially books by Beverly Chiñas, Howard Campbell and Jeffrey Rubin.

Bennholdt-Thomsen, Veronika. Juchitán, la ciudad de las mujeres. (Instituto Oaxaqueño de las Culturas, Fondo Estatal para la Cultura y las Artes, 1997, ISBN - 968-6951-30-X.) German version also available. Excellent compilation of essays on gender, the economy, the politics and culture of Juchitán

Campbell, Howard, Leigh Binford, Alicia Barabas and Miguel Bartolomé, Editors. Zapotec Struggles: Histories Politics and Representations from Juchitán, Oaxaca (Smithsonian Series in Ethnographic Inquiry, 1993). Great compilation of articles, monographs, poems, essays on the COCEI, the Isthmus Zapotecs’ democratic grass roots political party.

Chiñas, Beverly. The Isthmus Zapotecs (Harcourt-Brace-ISBN 0030550572), definitive study on Isthmus Zapotec women. Also La Zandunga (Waveland Press -ISBN 0881336807), a budding anthropologist’s personal experiences in the field.

Covarrubias, Miguel. Mexico South. (Alfred A. Knopf, N.Y. 1946). History, archeology and anthropology of southern Mexico, especially the Isthmus, told in a wonderful, literary style, with drawings and colorful paintings. Out of print.

Iturbide, Gabriela. Juchitan de las Mujeres (beautiful photography book with introduction by Elena Poniatowska). Out of print.

Stephen, Lynn. Zapotec Women (University of Texas Press, Austin, 1991-ISBN 0-292-79065-1). On the Zapotecs of Teotitlán del Valle.

The Women Who Outshone the Sun. (Children's Book Press). From a poem by Alejandro Cruz Martinez. Pictures by Fernando Olivera. A beautiful bi-lingual (English/Spanish) children’s book.

See Also: ¡Que Viva México! by Sergei Eisenstein - the first twenty-five minutes of this classic black and white film from the seminal Russian filmmaker portrays a half-documentary, half-dramatized romantic vision of Isthmus Zapotec life in the 1920s. Available on video from Kino International, New York.

More information about Oaxaca's Zapotecs, see

Wal-Mart comes to Juchitán! Learn more about it: an article in
Spanish on the first protest against Wal-Mart in Juchitán on Aug. 2. on the protests
against Wal-Mart in fall 2005. an article on the Wal-Mart
that opened in Teotihuacan, within sight of the ancient pyramid. an article by John Ross, who
has written about Mexico for many years, on the Wal-Mart in Teotihuacan. - a site which acknowledges
the great public spaces of Juchitan and what might be threatened by
globalization projects.

Visit these sites about the Plan Puebla Panama, the development project slated for the Isthmus region which affects the Zapotecs. This list was compiled by Wendy Call. To contact Wendy: A briefing paper written by Wendy Call about the movement against the Plan Puebla Panama.
Global Exchange’s web page has a special section with information about the Plan Puebla Panama. Several pieces show the connection between the PPP and crisis in Chiapas and militarization. Lots of good information here. (English with some Spanish)
This web site, edited by two community organizations in Mexico’s Isthmus of Tehuantepec – UCIZONI (Association of Indigenous Communities in the Northern Zone of the Isthmus) and the Grupo de Trabajo Colectivo del Istmo (Collective Working Group of the Isthmus) – gathers information about the PPP and gives the perspective of communities that live in the region. (Spanish only, use Internet Explorer only with this page)
Portion of Inter-American Development Bank – primary promoter of the PPP – website devoted to promoting the PPP. (English and Spanish)
A general article about the Plan Puebla Panama, "Plan Puebla-Panama: Done Deal or
Emerging Flashpoint? As Mexico's Resource-Land Grab Wins Financial Backing, Public Opposition Grows," with links to other information about the PPP.
An very interesting article entitled "The Mesoamerican Isthmus: Globalization, Ecology and Security" about the strategic importance of Mexico’s Isthmus of Tehuantepec and the connection between the Plan Puebla Panama and militarization. (English)
A very good collection of articles about the impacts of "free" trade on Mexico. Scroll half-way down the page for an article by Carlos Beas Torres, director of UCIZONI (see above), about the history of industrial development programs in Mexico’s Isthmus of Tehuantepec. (Articles download in Acrobat format, in English and Spanish)