Maureen wins awards


Producer / Director / Editor

58 min. +. Video. Co-Produced/Directed with Maxine Downs, Yanga Productions.

IN DEVELOPMENT: NO MOUSE MUSIC: THE STORY OF CHRIS STRACHWITZ AND ARHOOLIE RECORDS. 58 min. +. Video. Co-Produced/Directed with Chris Simon, Down Home Sisters Productions.

2000 BLOSSOMS OF FIRE / RAMO DE FUEGO, 16mm. 74 min. With Ellen Osborne. On the legendary Isthmus Zapotecs of southern Oaxaca, Mexico. Intrépidas Productions.


SKETCHES OF JUCHITAN 1992. 22 min. Highlights from research materials shot before the filming of BLOSSOMS OF FIRE. Featurette Bonus on New Yorker Films' DVD. Intrépidas Productions.

2003 MAUREEN GOSLING, DOCUMENTARY FILMMAKER, video. 15 min. Interview with Maureen Gosling and clips from films she's worked on. On a DVD, accompanying the book, YOU CAN BE A WOMAN MOVIEMAKER, published by Cascade Pass, for junior high school girls.

EXCERPTS FROM "A MIDSUMMER NIGHT'S DREAM," video,10 min. Promo for the Vietnamese-American production of A MIDSUMMER NIGHT'S DREAM and their U.S. tour.

2001 WORKING ASSETS BAY AREA GRANT RECIPIENTS VIDEO for awards ceremony. 20 min. Intrépidas Productions.

Co-Producer, DVDs

2003 J'AI ETE AU BAL: THE ROOTS OF CAJUN AND ZYDECO MUSIC, DVD. 2 hrs. Re-release of the 1987 film, with 20 minutes of Bonus Footage and Special Features. Co-Produced with Chris Strachwitz, Brazos Films.

CHULAS FRONTERAS: THE ROOTS OF TEX MEX MUSIC, DVD. 2 hrs. Re-release of CHULAS FRONTERAS and DEL MERO CORAZON with 30 minutes of Bonus Footage and Special Features. Co-Produced with Chris Strachwitz, Brazos Films.

Co-Producer, Zangar Productions

KISANGANI BY NIGHT, 84 min. Video feature. The misadventures of an Italian idealist in Oaxaca, Mexico. Features the people of Juchitán as actors. Also, consultant editing. Directed, Produced and Written by Claudio Zangarini.

Producer / Director / Editor - Osborne / Gosling Productions

1993 A SKIRT FULL OF BUTTERFLIES, video. 15 min. With Ellen Osborne. An introduction to five Isthmus Zapotec women. Also camera, sound and Spanish translations.


IN PROGRESS: SOMOS. 56 min. Produced and Directed by María Burés. Stories of gay Latinos who have applied for asylum in the US, escaping from persecution in their home countries.

2008 POETRY INSIDE OUT. 26 min. Produced and Directed by Joyce Lee and the Center for the Art of Translation. A bi-lingual program for children to learn translation and to write their own poems.

2006 CALIFORNIA AND THE AMERICAN DREAM: CALIFORNIA'S LOST TRIBES. 56 min. Produced by Jed Riffe, Beyond the Dream. One part of a four-part series, broadcast on PBS in Spring 2006.

WAITING TO INHALE, video. 74 min. Comprehensive history and controversy surrounding the use of cannabis for medical use. Directed by Jed Riffe, Jed Riffe Films.

2004 HEART OF THE CONGO, video. 58 min. Story of the challenges facing a French health aid organization working in the Congo. Directed by Tom Weidlinger, Moira Productions.

2002 FALLON: DEADLY OASIS, video. 58 min. Follows the families and community of Fallon, Nevada as they seek to discover the causes for leukemia striking 16 of their children in the last five years. Directed by Amie Williams, Balmaiden Films.

A DREAM IN HANOI. DV & 35mm. 91 min. American actors join a Vietnamese theatre company in Hanoi to produce A MIDSUMMER NIGHT'S DREAM. Directed by Tom Weidlinger, Moira Productions.

INVITATION TO DISCOVER. 15 min. On the Math Research Institute (MRI) in Berkeley, CA. Directed by George Csicery.

2001 BOMBA, video. 60 min. On Bomba, the Afro-Puerto Rican dance and music tradition and the legendary Cepeda family. Directed by Ashley James, Searchlight Films. Jean Rouche Prize, Cinema du Réel.

IN PROGRESS. PACKIN’ UP, video. 60 min. On legendary gospel diva, Marion Williams, and other elder female luminaries of the Philadelphia gospel music scene. Directed by Ashley James, Searchlight Films.

2000 BOYS WILL BE MEN, video. 56 min. On the socialization of boys in the U.S. Directed by Tom Weidlinger, Moira Productions. Broadcast on PBS.

NUESTRO CAMINO (OUR OWN ROAD) video. 30 min. A special community in Mexico providing clinics, workshops and adaptation to disabled people. Directed by John Montoya. Broadcast on PBS.

OVER THE RAMP, WHISKEY GULCH SEEN THROUGH THE LENS OF AUGUST WILSON'S 'FENCES,' video & DVD. 20 min. Installation video, to accompany theatrical performance of FENCES, Palo Alto. Directed by Michael Levin. TheatreWorks for the Schools.

1998 STRIPPED AND TEASED, 16mm. 60 minutes. On the women of Las Vegas, beyond the stereotypes. Directed by Amie Williams, Balmaiden Films.

THE WAY HOME, video. 90 min. Eight different ethnic groups of women talk about their experiences and feelings on oppression through the lens of race. Directed by Shakti Butler, World Trust. Oakland.

Co-Filmmaker With Les Blank - 16mm film

1995 THE MAESTRO: KING OF THE COWBOY ARTISTS. 54 min. On the artistic life and philosophies of Gerald Gaxiola.

1994 MY OLD FIDDLE: A Visit with Tommy Jarrell. 17 min. On old-time North Carolina fiddler, Tommy Jarrell. Also, with Cece Conway.

1990 YUM, YUM, YUM. 31 min. On Cajun and Creole foodways. Also editing and sound.

MARC AND ANN. 30 min. On Cajun cultural heroes Marc and Ann Savoy. Winner, Earthwatch Award. Broadcast on P.B.S.’ P.O.V. Series. Also editing.

JULIE: OLD TIME TALES OF THE BLUE RIDGE. 11 min. On octegenarian Julie Lyons, sister of fiddler Tommy Jarrell. Produced by Cece Conway. Also editing.

FRENCH DANCE TONIGHT. 58 min. (P.B.S. version) Definitive history of the music, early days to contemporary. Produced and Directed by Les Blank and Chris Strachwitz, Brazos Films. Broadcast on P.B.S.’ American Experience Series. Also Editing and Sound Recording. Sound track released on CD & tape, Arhoolie Records.

1987 GAP - TOOTHED WOMEN. 30 min. On women’s self-image. Broadcast on The Discovery Channel. Also editing and sound.

1986 HUEY LEWIS AND THE NEWS: BE-FORE! 31 min. On the making of the music video, "Stuck With You". Broadcast on Showtime, MTV. HLN Productions. Also editing and sound.

1984 IN HEAVEN THERE IS NO BEER? 50 min. On Polish-American Polka dancing in the East and Midwest U.S.A. Broadcast on the Learning Channel. Grand Prize - Melbourne. Also Editing and Sound.

1983 SPROUT WINGS AND FLY. 30 min. On North Carolina old-time fiddler Tommy Jarrell. Co-producers Alice Gerrard and Cece Conway. Also editing.

1982 BURDEN OF DREAMS. 94 min. On German film director, Werner Herzog’s perilous filming of the feature FITZCARRALDO in the Peruvian Amazon. Also Editing and Sound. British Academy Award for Best Documentary; The Guardian (London)’s list for Top 100 Films of the 20th Century; Golden Gate Award - San Francisco Film Festival; on 12 major critics’ "Best 10" lists, 1983. Shown nationwide on P.B.S. Theatrical runs in the US, Brazil, Europe. American Cinema Editors Nomination for Best Film Editor for the television version, Hollywood.

1979 DEL MERO CORAZON. 30 min. On the lyrical song tradition of Tex-Mex music. Produced by Chris Strachwitz, Brazos Films. Also Editing and originated the idea for this film.

Editing and/or Sound Recording for other Flower Films Productions. Les Blank, Director

1980 GARLIC IS AS GOOD AS TEN MOTHERS. 51 min. On folklore, uses, history and humor of garlic. Blue Ribbon - American Film Festival; opened Berlin Film Festival - 1980. Editing and Sound.

WERNER HERZOG EATS HIS SHOE. 20 min. On Werner Herzog fulfilling a vow to Errol Morris (who later directed THIN BLUE LINE). Editing and Sound.

1978 ALWAYS FOR PLEASURE. 58 min. On the street celebrations of New Orleans. Shown nationwide on P.B.S. Blue Ribbon, Best Entertainment Feature at American Film Festival. Sound, assistant editing.

1973 DRY WOOD AND HOT PEPPER. 94 min. On Zydeco accordion king, Clifton Chenier. Shown on educational T.V. in L.A., N.Y. Blue Ribbon American Film Festival. Sound.

Editing And / Or Sound Recording for Flower Films Co-Productions or Other Production Companies

1996-7 THE SOUND OF...MEXICANS IN CALIFORNIA and SAN FRANCISCO IN THE SIXTIES. Two 30-minute educational television documentaries. Sudwestfunk Television, Baden Baden, Germany. Directed by Tilman Büttner. Production Co-ordinator.

1995 SWORN TO THE DRUM: A Tribute to Francisco Aguabella. 30 min. On Afro-Cuban drummer, Francisco Aguabella. Produced by Tom Luddy, American Zoetrope. Sound.

1994 THE HIDDEN CITIES OF SAN FRANCISCO: THE MISSION DISTRICT. 58 min. On the history of San Francisco’s Mission District. KQED Television. Executive Producer, Peter Stein. Producer, Pam Rorke Levy. Video editing. Emmy Nomination.

1993 POCO LOCO. Romantic comedy, feature. Directed by Deborah Koons, Signs of Life Films. Produced by Ellen Osborne. Feature. Sound Effects Editor.

1992 GROWING UP - Series produced by Television Trust for the Environment. Segment directed by Glenn Switkes. Sound recording.

1990 ROUTES OF RHYTHM, WITH HARRY BELAFONTE. On Afro-Cuban music in Cuba and U.S.A. (shown as a three-hour series on P.B.S.) by Les Blank, Howard Dratch and Eugene Rosow. Cultural Research and Communications Production. Sound Recording. Sound Track released on CD and tape, Rounder Records.

1988 (Unreleased) HUEY LEWIS AND THE NEWS WORLD TOUR. Feature. On the rock band on tour in the U.S., Europe, Japan. Produced by Les Blank and Bob Brown. HLN Productions. Editing and Sound recording.

RY COODER AND THE MOULA BANDA RHYTHM ACES. 90 min. A concert film starring eclectic rock musician Ry Cooder and special guests. Directed by Les Blank, produced by Warner Brothers. Editing.

WHY IS YELLOW THE MIDDLE OF THE RAINBOW? 3 hours. On the politicization of a Filipino child culminating with the Yellow Revolution in the Philippines. Directed and Produced by Kidlat Tahimik. Baguio, Philippines. Editing on Parts 1-3.

1987 ZIVELI! MEDICINE FOR THE HEART. 52 min. On Serbian-American music and culture. Produced by Vikrum Jayanti and Andrei Simic. Broadcast on the Learning Channel. Editing and Sound.

1985 CIGARETTE BLUES. 10 min. Bluesman Sonny Rhodes sings an ode about the evils of smoking. Co-director Alan Govenar. Editing.

STEPHANE GRAPELLI IN SAN FRANCISCO. 58 min. On French jazz violinist Stephane Grapelli. Jazz Hot Productions. Sound.

1978 POTO AND CABENGO. 60 min. On the Kennedy twins of San Diego and twin-speech. Directed by Jean-Pierre Gorin, produced by ZDF - German T.V. Sound.

1974 AN EAMES CELEBRATION. 58 min. On the fascinating and prolific "Renaissance couple" Charles and Ray Eames. Directed by Perry Miller Adato, WNET, N.Y. Sound.

A POEM IS A NAKED PERSON (unreleased feature). On rock star Leon Russell, exploring the roots of his music in Oklahoma, Texas and Nashville. Produced by Skyhill Films. Sound, assistant editing.

Born: November 30, 1949 - Colorado Springs, Colorado
Education: University of Michigan, 1967-1971 - B.A. in Social Anthropology
Languages: Spanish and French

Experienced with: all 16mm flatbed editing systems, Media 100, Final Cut Pro, Avid, Adobe Premiere; Mac; all video formats


1994 - 2000 Grants from the American Film Institute; National Endowment for the Arts; Fideicomiso para la cultura (Rockefeller Foundation, Bancomer, Mexican Fund for Culture); Instituto Mexicano de Cinematografía (with Ellen Osborne); Fundación Rodolfo Morales; Rex Foundation; Arhoolie Records;Film Arts Foundation, Rex Foundation, James Dougherty Foundation, Kurz Family Foundation, Hispanic Community Foundation, Open Meadows Foundation

2001 Nomination for Rockefeller Foundation Fellowship

1983 Nomination for Best Editor of Documentary Feature, by American Cinema Editors, for BURDEN OF DREAMS

1982 Unheralded Filmmaker Award, Project Artaud Film Festival

PROFESSIONAL AFFILIATIONS: Board Member of CineAcción, Latino film organization in San Francisco, five years; member of Film Arts Foundation. Served on film festival juries: American Film and Video Association; San Francisco International Film Festival; National Educational Media Network; Mill Valley Film Festival.

Produced Spanish language versions of BURDEN OF DREAMS, SPROUT WINGS AND FLY and A WELL SPENT LIFE; and English translations for DEL MERO CORAZON and CHULAS FRONTERAS.


2003 YOU CAN BE A WOMAN MOVIEMAKER, 64 pp. Gosling's story plus photographs and DVD interview included with two Hollywood women producers, targeting junior high school girls. Published by Cascade Pass.

1999 Photograph of the Tribute to Human Rights in Ottawa, Ontario, appeared on first-day issue envelope for the 50th Anniversary of the signing of the United Nations' Declaration of Human Rights.

1985 Special promotion of the Latin American Section of the SAN FRANCISCO INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL - Co-Director of Imagenes, group dedicated to promotion of Latin American cinema. Co-produced poster, bi-lingual program, arranged special programs and panels.

1984 THE BURDEN OF DREAMS BOOK - Edited by Les Blank and James Bogan. 288 page. Gosling's personal journal and 74 photographs, along with Blank's journal and letters from Werner Herzog to his investors and more.